Accomdation - The Sixth Symposium on Porphyrins、Phthalocyanines and Related Materials of the Chinese Chemical Society (ACPP-1)


UCAS International Conference Center       


Hotel Introduction

UCAS International Conference Center is ideally located in the Yanqi Lake campus  of The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, adjacent to Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center (AECOM), Hongluo Temple and the Qinglong Gorge, and which is next to the Yanqi Lake.


The Location of Hotel

Address:University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Yanqi Lake West Campus

                No.380 Jingjia road, Huaibei town, Huairou district, Beijing

image.pngFrom Train Station to UCAS International Conference Center   

          image.pngBy Taxi

                      From Beijing Railway Station

                      Fare: About RMB 240 ($ USD 36).

                      From Beijing South Railway Station

                    Fare: About RMB 265 ($ USD 40).

                      From Beijing West  Railway Station

                    Fare: About RMB 260 ($ USD 40).

image.png From Beijing-Capital International Airport to UCAS International Conference Center 

            image.png By Taxi

                    FareAbout RMB 185 ($ USD 30).

Optional room types

图片 1.png

Standard Room

¥390 per night (include 1 breakfast); ¥420 per night (include 2 breakfasts)

图片 2.png

The suite with two bedroom

¥420 per night (include 1 breakfast); ¥450 per night (include 2 breakfasts)

图片 13.png

King-Size Bedroom

¥390 per night (include 1 breakfast)